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Masters in Biomedical Sciences

Looking to further your education in Biomedical Sciences? Join the College of Health Sciences' new Biomedical Sciences Master’s program! The 30-credit, 15-month program is specifically to equip students with marketable skill sets required for direct entry into the workforce.


Students may choose also select one of two optional areas of specialization: 

Brain Sketch

Acquire a foundational background in core neuroscience concepts, including a strong understanding of both neuronal and non-neuronal cells of the nervous system.

Anatomy Drawing

Develop in-depth knowledge of clinical human anatomy in Marquette’s unique cadaver-based labs with hands-on instruction in dissection.


Applications open Fall 2023


Career Opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the biomedical science sector is projected to grow 16% by 2030, making the return on your academic investment immediately available upon graduation. Biomedical science professionals can enter a wide array of fields including human physiology, pathology, anatomy and pharmacology where students can achieve advances in human health issues or educate those looking to make those advances.

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