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Doctoral Program in Neuroscience

The Ph.D. in Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary degree in an area of neuroscience, combining comprehensive coursework and mentored research training in our highly collaborative group at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.


Students may choose from one of three areas of specialization: 


Students study the neurobiological basis of behavior from genes to circuit, acquiring a strong foundation in the cellular, molecular, and physiological analysis of neural systems.  Check our our CMN Research Labs.

Brain Sketch

Students study the neural basis of human cognition and behavior, acquiring a strong foundation in neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and behavioral analysis.


Students study the information processing properties of the nervous system, acquiring a strong foundation in statistical tools and neuroimaging.


Deadline to Apply: December 1

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Meet our Students

Our students are a driving force of discovery in areas of neuropsychiatric disease, learning & memory, circadian biology, neurodegeneration, and spinal cord injury

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